• Extreme Events

    times have changed and our clients are companies and people that lead other. having to be more cutting edge and set yourself apart from the norm, the image needs to be yours and owned by you. our models are on the edge, reckless and risky. they live their life as a reckless tattooed girl and is the only choice for any extreme events.

    sport events, festivals, expo etc all on the edge and extreme and really needs to be shown in the proper way to best represent you and your products image. there is only one choice. RECKLESSmodels.com

  • Extreme Modeling

    modeling times are nolonger what they use to be with product needing to be shown to be more extreme and edgy. we give clients the edgy and extreme look that they really want. nice is nolonger wow.

    the younger now generation wants to see more edgy and reckless. there is only one choice. RECKLESSmodels.com

Expo Model

.that edge & reckless look to promote your special event or product.

Corpote Model

.if your company is an edgy trend setter and you need the perfect edgy look.

Film & TV Model

.filming or tv, acting and in need of a edgy look.

Brand Model

.have a special brand look that has an edge.

Promo Model

.models that can relay and portray your image.

Event Model

.special event, runway, party, festival, stage.

David Maree

The Mastermind


Mishka Singh

The Head Scout


John Smith



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